Investment Services

Asset Management

Distributing astonishing outcomes for our clients is a point of pride at Pinnacle. We’ve advised in the purchase or lease of over $100M in real estate transactions and are keenly aware of the dynamics on both sides of the transaction. The lucrative returns to date are proof that our approach of very thoughtful, well researched and well-timed acquisitions has been effective. We curate each acquisition and partner more deeply with our clients than most. Our goal isn’t to grow the fastest…only to deliver brilliant results to our investors.
From the process of acquiring the property to leasing it, Pinnacle offers comprehensive ideas and full spectrum services that deliver absolute peace of mind to investors. We represent commercial investors to negotiate proposals strategically on our client’s behalf and then professionally manage the due diligence, escrow and closing process. Our goal is to maximize the value as swiftly as possible while also minimizing the challenges and pressure associated with each sale.

Accounting and Financial Management

Demonstrating further commitment to customer service, our accounting/bookkeeping staff are highly trained, experienced professionals that are eager to talk with you at any time about your account. We believe in the value of transparency and access to pertinent data relating to your investment. We use one of the most sophisticated accounting programs available today for accounting and can assure you of accurate monthly statements.