What We offer

We truly understand that everyone has their own financial goals and objectives. With this insight, we offer a diverse range of investment options, designed to serve both seasoned pros and newcomers, ensuring that your personal financial journey aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.


Traditional Investments

Global Equities

Invest in the world's top-performing companies and diversify your portfolio with global equities

Global Bonds

Allows you to earn stable returns while diversifying your investment portfolio across different countries, currencies, and credit ratings


Tangible assets that range from precious metals and energy to agriculture and livestock.

Exchange Traded Funds

A cost-effective way to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities.

Mutual Funds

Professionally managed investment vehicles that offer easy accessibility and potential for attractive returns.

Non-Traditional Investments

Private Equity

An exclusive asset class that offers high potential for returns through direct investment in privately-held companies.

Venture Capital

An asset class that provides early-stage funding for innovative startups and high-growth companies.


An exclusive asset class that provides early access to promising companies before they go public, offering high-growth potential and excitement.

Hedge Funds

A flexible and customizable investment solution that combines potential for attractive cash flows, returns with principal protection.

Global Real Estate

A private investment vehicle that provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of income-producing properties, offering attractive returns and portfolio diversification.

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Our Goal

Invest in Value

Our main goal is to achieve steady and consistent long term capital growth of our portfolio. We invest in public equities, fixed income, private equity, private debt and real estate. We like companies that have strong fundamentals, passionate leadership and a wide economic moat. We invest globally and across industries. Octave is a next generation investment firm that operates at the intersection of purpose and profit.