Financial Tools

Education Planning

Estimate the cost of your education effortlessly with our user-friendly calculator. Input tuition, textbooks, accommodation, and more to get a breakdown of expenses. Consider inflation, financial aid, and compare different scenarios. Make informed decisions and plan your future wisely with our Education Costing Calculator.

YTM Calculator

Discover the potential return on your investments with our Yield to Maturity Calculator. Input bond details like coupon rate, maturity date, and market price to estimate the yield. Make informed investment decisions and plan your financial future confidently with our user-friendly calculator.

Retirement Calculator

Prepare for retirement with our Retirement Calculator. Input your current age, desired retirement age, savings, and expected annual contributions to estimate your retirement savings goal. Plan for a secure future and make informed financial decisions using our user-friendly calculator.

Insurance Calculator

Determine your insurance needs effortlessly with our Insurance Need Calculator. Input factors like income, outstanding debts, and future expenses to estimate the ideal coverage amount. Make informed decisions and ensure your loved ones’ financial security with our user-friendly calculator.

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Our Goal

Invest in Value

Our main goal is to achieve steady and consistent long term capital growth of our portfolio. We invest in public equities, fixed income, private equity, private debt and real estate. We like companies that have strong fundamentals, passionate leadership and a wide economic moat. We invest globally and across industries. Octave is a next generation investment firm that operates at the intersection of purpose and profit.