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Why High Net Worth Clients Should Consider Opening a Bank Account in Switzerland

Switzerland is a popular destination for high net worth individuals looking to open a bank account. There are several reasons why Switzerland may be an attractive option for these clients,…

Structured Notes

Structured notes, also known as structured products or structured securities, are financial instruments that combine elements of both bonds and derivatives. They are typically issued by financial institutions and offer…

Private REITS

A private REIT, or real estate investment trust, is a type of investment vehicle that allows investors to pool their money to purchase and manage income-generating real estate assets. Private…

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are private investment vehicles that are designed to generate returns through a variety of investment strategies. Unlike mutual funds, which are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission…

Hedge Funds vs Private Equity

Hedge funds and private equity are both investment vehicles that can offer attractive returns, but they differ significantly in terms of their investment strategies, fees, and regulatory requirements. Understanding these…

Advantages of Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary portfolio management is a type of investment management in which a professional investment manager makes investment decisions on behalf of their clients. There are several potential advantages to this…

Buying during downturns

Market corrections, also known as pullbacks or downturns, are a normal part of the stock market cycle. They occur when stock prices fall by at least 10% from their recent…

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Our main goal is to achieve steady and consistent long term capital growth of our portfolio. We invest in public equities, fixed income, private equity, private debt and real estate. We like companies that have strong fundamentals, passionate leadership and a wide economic moat. We invest globally and across industries. Octave is a next generation investment firm that operates at the intersection of purpose and profit.